Free Partiton Recovery Software

You know what it is like, it is late at night, you have one eye on the TV, the other on your computer. You are just about to partition a spare hard drive that you have connected to your computer. Just before you press “Yes” to delete the partition you are distracted for one minute and when you come back you are still half distracted and before you know it you have deleted the wrong partition that contains all your music and photos.

That happened to me this week but instead of getting angry with myself I decide to have a look on the web to find out if there was some good free partitioning software that would be able to recover the deleted partition quickly and easily that I could recommend to family and friends. I already had some software installed such as Recuva and Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery so was able to get all my files back so I decided to have a look on Youtube and came across a video for AOMEI Partition Assistant 5.2 Standard Edition. The video made the whole process look so easy that even beginners could use. I downloaded the free software onto my Windows 7 PC, started it up and within 2 minutes had recovered the deleted partition with all my data.

Give it a try, if you have accidentally deleted a partition. It was so easy to use


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